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ty to develop and create more jobs.Li warned local tax authorities against arbitrary ch▓arges for services, stressing they should ensure that companies enjoy real benefits from tax cuts.While visiting an e▓lderly care center, he said there is much t▓o be done to develop community-based elderly car▓e, nursery and kindergarten services. "The country ▓should give strong support in this respect."This year, specific policies will be introduced on housing use, tax relief and other related issues

to attract more social forces into the field to provide safe, high-quality and convenient services for the elderly and children, Li said.In a vocational college, Li told students that the country needs not only hig▓h-end scientific research personnel but also highly skilled workers, calling for the ▓cultivation of professionalism and craftsmanship."We sh▓ould deepen the reform of the education system, supp

f fulfillment


ort enterprises and social forces in running voc▓ational education, and use high-quality human resources to promote high-quality devel▓opment," Li said.Speaking highly of Hainan's development achi


evements, Li said he hopes for greater strides in reform, opening up and innovation, and greater achievements in promoting▓ economic and social development.Please scan the QR Co▓de to follow us on Instagr


amPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese premier vows to further stimulate market vitalityChinese premier vows to further stimulate market vitalityChinese premier vows to further stimulate

, Li said in a


tour to south China's Hain

m▓arket vitality03-26-2019 09:12 BJTBEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier


Li Keqiang here on Monday met with for▓eign representatives who were here to attend the China De▓velopment Forum 2019, pled

ging to use the reform and opening up as a driving force to further stimulate market vitality to ensure the healthy development of the Chinese economy.The

representati▓ves include heads of some of the world's top 500 companies,▓ scholars from renowned research insti

sector, aims to

leave more profits to ▓enterprises so they will ha

tutions and representa▓tives of international organizations.Durin▓g the meeting, Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of manageme

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